• Shot by Maria Louceiro for Pitchfork

  • Short interview in Dazed

  • Body Sound 10” released by Infinite Greyscale. Thanks to Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quabeck, my collaborator Cuahtemoc Peranda and mixing engineer Mark Pistel.

    You can order the release directly from the label here.

  • Playing Leisure System party in Copenhagen w/ Visionist, Kuedo & DJ Puzzle - August 13th. Event page.

  • Fade soundtracks Raf Simons latest collection for Dior

  • supermaniskillinghimself: how was brussels

    Wonderful, also really enjoyed Leuven!

  • Limited Edition ‘Body Sound’ 10” available now from Infinite Greyscale.

    Recording from my performance with dancer Cuahtemoc Peranda at CCRMA in Jun 2013.

  • http://www.thefader.com/2014/07/02/system-focus-the-evolution-of-the-voice-in-the-digital-landscape/


    my latest System Focus for The FADER is on ‘The Evolution of the Voice in the Digital Landscape’ http://www.thefader.com/2014/07/02/system-focus-the-evolution-of-the-voice-in-the-digital-landscape/ featuring ooh, everyone, including Nima, Metallic Ghosts, SAINT PEPSI, Blank Banshee, Hatsune Miku and little bits on Maria Minerva, Autre Ne Veut, FKA twigs, Burial, Clams Casino Official, James Ferraro, Oneohtrix Point Never, Holly Herndon and the singing androids or ‘vocaloids’ that are more authentic than u.

    Nice piece on the voice by Adam Harper.